In our company, the main target is continuity in quality, customer satisfaction, increasing profit and market share with optimum cost. For this purpose, our company has adopted the principle of meeting consumer / customer requests (products and services) at affordable prices and on time delivery.

In order to achieve this goal, the following issues have been accepted as our "Quality Policy". Our company;

1. In the light of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, with the aim of realizing all production, services and products in accordance with the relevant Quality Standards

“Providing Quality Products and Services at All Levels”

2. With the guarantee of meeting customer requests and expectations in the best way, performing the after-sales services in the most appropriate way and quality assurance

“Constant Satisfaction and Satisfaction of the Customer”

3. In the desire to catch up with the latest innovations and modern technology with the effective leadership of the management; by all employees, with the presentation of quality products and services

“Protection of the Company Image and Market and Moving to Even Higher Levels”

4. With the awareness of preventing waste of time and resources and reducing costs by "Producing Correctly and at the Desired Quality at the First Time" instead of "Re-evaluation"

“Continuous Process Improvement”

5. In the use of both production facilities and tools, and products and services

“Conservation of the Natural Environment”

6. The Senior Management is in the understanding of "Continuous Education" by conveying the necessary information to the employees at all levels of the organization and to all the suppliers of the company on the subjects they deem necessary for the realization of high quality performance.

In order to realize this strategy, the company management takes it as a duty to provide a safe environment, necessary resources, adequate equipment and materials to all departments and employees.

Quality and reliability determine the value of our products and services, thereby increasing our reputation and success. All employees will be informed about this goal of our organization and this understanding will be instilled.

Each of our employees will act within the responsibility of fulfilling their duties in line with this goal. I support this system, which is the main policy of our company, and I invite all employees to contribute to the Quality Department in this regard.

Our Environmental Policy
With the support of senior management and all its employees, our company aims to protect nature, contribute to the development of the country and minimize the negative effects on the environment in all production processes with the products it produces.

In order to achieve this goal, the following issues have been accepted as our "Environmental Policy".

Our company;

To meet and even exceed the requirements of the relevant environmental legislation,
Minimizing waste, preventing pollution at its source, using energy efficiently and reducing the negative effects of our activities on the environment,
To protect the environment and to spread this principle all around us, the country and the world,
Identifying and reducing risks for environmental emergencies,
To develop employees by providing awareness trainings on environmental awareness,
To provide the necessary human resources, technology and financial resources to reduce our impact on the environment and to use energy efficiently,
To carry out energy efficiency projects to reduce greenhouse gases arising from production activities and to carry out activities to increase the use of renewable energy sources,
To prioritize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our products and the use of renewable energy in design activities,
It is in the understanding of raising awareness and encouraging our suppliers and stakeholders on green economy and energy efficiency studies.
In line with our respect and love for the environment, we strive to establish a clean life and ensure that it is sustainable, and as a company that is always open to development, we are committed to ensuring the continuity of environmental quality within the scope of Total Quality Management.