Central Cooling

Central Cooling

Central system cooling devices are devices that provide the control and cooling of more than one cooler with a single outdoor unit. It is generally preferred in markets and production facilities.

The central system is controlled and cooled by a single outdoor unit, such as aisle cabinets, cold stores, process areas in a store. It is preferred especially in large markets and stores as it saves space. Semi-hermetic, scroll, hermetic screw compressors are used in central system cooling devices. Oil level regulator, oil separator, oil tank, pressure regulators, suction and discharge line driers (cartridge drier), compressor inlet-outlet check valves and ball valves are used as standard in all central systems we produce.

The operation of the compressor and condenser fans in the system is carried out by a microprocessor in line with the information received from the sensors, depending on the capacity. Compressors start-up and adjustment of operating times are automatically regulated by the microprocessor.

The initial investment cost of central systems is lower than individual cooling devices. It saves space. It saves 25%-30% energy and has a very wide capacity range.

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